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Is your pitch clear? Are you presenting well?
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Know the 'How-to' make your boring landing page into 'Wow'!

Transform your good landing page into a 'Wow' landing page by simple UI/UX fixes & adding quick key elements to make it more crisp & clear!

Find Improvements for your current landing page UI/UX

Creating an effective landing page involves more than just design. A single CTA at the right place can make all the difference between a customer buying your product or bouncing off your landing page.

Personalized tips to BOOST your conversion rate

Every landing page is unique. That's why every page requires unique customization to make the visitor love your product & convert them more efficiently. Get to know the critical fixes for your landing page.

Get Your Deadly Combination Right




No Kidding! Often MVP and products fail due to errors in one of the above. The UI looks cluttered or too much content together or CTAs at the wrong places. You can fix all of that with simple and magical tips provided by us.

How It Works


You are required to share all details including the URL, problem faced currently and what you are looking forward to achieve from this feedback.


Our UI/UX experts shall spend time in evaluating your website to identify problems and provide corrective actionable feedback.


You are required to implement the suggested feedback. If you do not have the means to do the changes yourself, our team can help you.

get unlimited graphic design and code on monthly subscription
get unlimited graphic design and code on monthly subscription


Unlimited design and code on monthly subscription


  • UI/UX Evaluation (1 page only)
  • Personalized suggestions (upto 10)
  • Redesign Landing Page with HTML/CSS/JS (upto 10 pages)
Unlimited design and code on monthly subscription



  • UI/UX Evaluation (upto 10 pages)
  • All Personalized suggestions
  • Redesign Landing Page with HTML/CSS/JS (upto 10 pages)
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Unlimited design and code on monthly subscription



  • UI/UX Evaluation (upto 20 pages)
  • All personalized suggestions
  • Redesign Landing Page with HTML/CSS/JS (upto 10 pages)
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Frequently Asked Questions

It takes around 24-72 hours on an average to evaluate a landing page. In the free package, the turn around time is dependent on the number of feedback requests in queue.

We cover many areas in reviewing a landing page. However, the primary areas for evaluation involve the following:

  • Creative use of designs for visual memory and brand recollection
  • Content copy to engage the visitor till the end of the landing page
  • Placing the CTA's at the right places for optimal conversion
  • Overall experience of the customer journey

We do not provide development in other languages. Sign up for our newsletter and we shall let you know when we introduce other languages.

If you have more than 10 pages on your website, you will need to buy multiple packages for every 10 additional pages.

The feedback is only our suggestions for a better UI/UX for your landing page. It is totally upto you if you wish to make the desired changes. However, we would recommend that you perform an A/B test before discarding the suggestions.

We can review all products as long as they are hosted on the same parent URL.

Yes, we can help you in executing the suggested changes in our Ultimate plan.

Yes, we can help you in re-designing your complete landing page, dashboard or app screens. Go ahead and sign up for our Ultimate package to start designing.

Yes, we can help you in consulting the overall design and UI/UX improvements for your startup.

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Connect with our live chat agent or email us on


Rich Clominson


“ Thanks a lot for your AMAZING feedback. There are lots of things that I didn't realize I should change, but now that you told me I feel desperate to re-design them.

Duccio Catalioto


“ This is extremely impressive! Very good feedback, I’ll discuss this with my team and I follow up with you in the next weeks! Thank you very much for you valuable advice. ”



“ Wow, thanks for the thorough review! I will definitely work on fixing these things - each bullet is very concrete and actionable! ”

Matthew Studdert


“ Thank you so much for that feedback. You've made some really good points! I'll definitely tell people about this service. I'll also definitely consider Draftss when I need some more design work done.

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